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Jesse Reynolds

Jesse Reynolds
R&D Engineer, Bulletproof Networks

Website | @jessereynolds

Jesse is an infrastructure and web operations engineer, co-founding one of Australia’s first web development and hosting agencies, Virtual Artists, in 1993. He has since worked with Fujitsu Australia, the University of New South Wales, and Carbon Planet.

Marketing is not one of Jesse’s strong suits. He co-authored an awesome web-based CMS before CMSs were a thing, and failed entirely to capitalise on it. Jesse also created the VA RoboCam, an all-weather, democratic online surveillance camera that failed to bring about a backlash against public video surveillance, but did allow radio presenters in Canada to buy beers for punters in Adelaide, Australia.

One of Jesse’s shorter contracts ended not long after his wife found him lying on the couch, after an 18 hour day, moaning “No process! No rigour!” These days Jesse works from his home in the Adelaide Hills, hacking on Flapjack for Bulletproof, that has both process and rigour.


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Lindsay Holmwood (Australian Government Digital Transformation Office), Jesse Reynolds (Bulletproof Networks)
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Enter Flapjack: a monitoring alert routing system. Flapjack sits at the end of your monitoring pipeline and works out who it should send alerts to. Sounds pretty simple? Flapjack tries to make it so. There are still really hard problems to solve when working out who to notify about a detected failure, and what to do when lots of things fail simultaneously. Read more.
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Lindsay Holmwood (Australian Government Digital Transformation Office), Jesse Reynolds (Bulletproof Networks)
Want to know how to make a Flapjack alert via PagerDuty? Talk to Lindsay and Jesse about using Flapjack’s HTTP Broker to get free heartbeating (with TTLs!) from within your app or infrastructure. They’ll tell you how to pull in alerts from CloudWatch and other webhook-based alerting platforms, and how to connect Flapjack with Sensu and run it in parallel to your existing Nagios infrastructure. Read more.