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Zoran Perkov

Zoran Perkov
Head of Tech Ops, IEX Group


Zoran is currently the Head of Technology Operations at IEX Group where he helps in ensuring that the trading system does not blow up in the middle of the day. He was previously Global Head of Technical Operations at NASDAQ OMX where his teams were responsible for all trading, clearing, settlement and exchange technology systems. Prior to this role, Zoran was part of the INET team and led the US NASDAQ Operations Center through many system implementations including the transition to the NASDAQ Stock Market. He has also previously held various technical positions ranging from system administration to networking.


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Zoran Perkov (IEX Group)
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The last decade has seen an investment by all market participants in technology at an unprecedented pace as evidenced by the ability to interact with thousands of order type combinations at speeds and capacity volumes enabled by the latest technology innovations. This is a testament to our ability to be able to adapt to change and implement solutions that amplify intentions of market participants. Read more.
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Zoran Perkov (IEX Group)
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Over the last decade, technology has dramatically changed how our stock markets operate, delivering on its promises to make everything faster, more efficient, and cheaper. Talk to Zoran about the lessons we've learned from technology's influence on the stock market, as well as practices for maintaining a reliable system, and how these practices are aligned with the WebOps community. Read more.