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Tobi Knaup

Tobi Knaup
CTO & Founder, Mesosphere

Website | @superguenter

Tobi is the CTO and Co-Founder of Mesosphere, a startup that is building a data center operating system based on Apache Mesos, to support the next generation of large scale distributed applications.
He was one of the first engineers and engineering leaders at Airbnb. At Airbnb, he wrote large parts of the infrastructure including the search and fraud prediction services. He helped scale the site to millions of users and build a world class engineering team. Tobi is the main author of Marathon, an Apache Mesos framework for managing long-running services.


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Tobi Knaup (Mesosphere)
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Devops everywhere spend countless hours building custom scale-out architectures for web apps. Marathon is a new framework built on Apache Mesos that simplifies and automates operations, and provides a simple self-serve interface for developers to launch their apps or Docker containers on a shared cluster in a scalable and fault-tolerant way. Read more.
Office Hours
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Tobi Knaup (Mesosphere)
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Tobi is on hand to chat with you about Mesos at any level of detail—from a height of 30,000 feet all the way down to the underlying C++ actor library. He’ll discuss Mesos frameworks like Marathon, Chronos, Kubernetes, Spark, Jenkins, and Hadoop, and how to write Mesos frameworks in a variety of languages. Read more.