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David Josephsen

David Josephsen
Developer Evangelist, Librato

Website | @DaveJosephsen

David Josephsen is the “Developer Evangelist” at His continuing mission: To help engineers world-wide close the feedback loop. He is also a sometime book-authoring blogger and purveyor of awkward conference talks.

He has never (not even once) used non-local goto. He speaks shell, Go, C, Python, Perl and a little bit of Spanish (in that order), and apologizes in advance for that thing he said (not the first thing, the other one. That first thing he totally meant to say and he refuses to redact it).


David Josephsen (Librato)
Average rating: ****.
(4.73, 15 ratings)
A discussion of best-practices when creating/managing alerting infrastructures. Examines both technical and social factors. Explores common anti-patterns and how to avoid them. Read more.
Office Hours
Table 1 (Sponsor Pavilion)
David Josephsen (Librato)
David would be happy to talk with you about all things monitoring. Come by and discuss: reducing alert fatigue through better planning; why we monitor things (and why asking makes monitoring better); using monitoring tools and techniques to prove out software engineering assumptions; and closing and shortening the feedback loop between Dev and Ops. Read more.