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Brian Nuszkowski

Brian Nuszkowski
DevOps Engineer, Duo Security

Website | @nuszkowski

Brian previously was a Site Reliability Engineer for Domino’s Pizza, a worldwide technology company that just happens to sell pizza. He is currently working as a DevOps Engineer at Duo Security, helping to bring two-factor authentication to the world.


Office Hours
Table 3 (Sponsor Pavilion)
Brian Nuszkowski (Duo Security)
Your site's gone big and you're celebrating the impending rush of traffic. Congratulations! It’s time to come by and talk to Brian about load testing methodologies, and how to simulate Real User traffic and provide security in DevOps. Read more.
Brian Nuszkowski (Duo Security)
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Congratulations! Your site has just gone big. Depending on how thorough you’ve been with load testing, you may or may not be celebrating this impending flood of user traffic. This talk will elaborate on the topic of load testing, defining what a load testing strategy should look like, and elaborate on several of its components. Read more.