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Bethany Andres-Beck

Bethany Andres-Beck
Software Engineer, Independent

Website | @bethcodes

Beth Andres-Beck is the technical lead on the TripAdvisor Mobile Web team, where she has helped drive adoption of broad-based testing as the team grows. In addition to technical mentorship of an awesome team, she writes code across the stack from Java to JavaScript and HTML5. She’s been at TripAdvisor since 2011, when she swapped from optimizing video understanding software with CUDA to building the mobile web site. Her passion is using a combination of social engineering and object-oriented design to support rapid, collaborative development at scale.


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Bethany Andres-Beck (Independent)
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Beth’s ready to chat with you about mobile web apps vs hybrid apps vs native apps, and how to move among the three. You can also ask her about fomenting a grassroots testing culture; unit testing of legacy code; A/B testing, UX design, and the importance of causal narratives; and social engineering greater productivity. Read more.
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Bethany Andres-Beck (Independent)
Average rating: ****.
(4.67, 3 ratings)
Mobile web is mature enough to have legacy code! Now what? At TripAdvisor we have mobile-specific code stretching back to 2009. Hardware has changed a great deal since then, not to mention design and business goals. With engineers working on the full stack, from database to UX, and collaborative project managers we've made progressive improvements on the fly and turned legacy into an inheritance. Read more.