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Daniel Espeset

Daniel Espeset
Senior Software Engineer, Etsy

Daniel Espeset is a Senior Software Engineer on the Performance team at Etsy. He enjoys hacking on build processes, improving front-end architecture and pursuing moon-shot experiments in code instrumentation and static analysis. If he were granted three wishes he would ask for all the CDNs to support SPDY (you know who you are), Safari to implement the Navigation Timing API and unlimited future wishes (obv). He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Garity and their two cats, Fannie and Cece.


Rhinelander South
Average rating: ****.
(4.12, 8 ratings)
Do you know how long it takes to parse and execute your JS on page load? It may be longer than you think. We’ll share some interesting results from our device lab, plus the techniques we use to benchmark and optimize this critical path. Read more.