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Ryan Frantz

Ryan Frantz
Senior Operations Engineer, Etsy

Website | @Ryan_Frantz

Ryan is a Senior Operations Engineer at Etsy. He loves to solve puzzles, play with his kids’ Legos, and learn new things. Like the harmonica.


Ryan Frantz (Etsy)
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When it’s three in the morning, it’s hard enough waking up, let alone getting your brain in gear to fix problems. Computers should provide us with additional context around an alert, so that we can resolve issues faster and get back to sleep. This presentation discusses how to contextualize alerts automatically, so that engineers can address issues faster and get back to what they were doing. Read more.
Office Hours
Table 2 (Sponsor Pavilion)
Ryan Frantz (Etsy)
Ryan is ready to chat with you about ways to improve your monitoring systems’ alert notifications. He’ll also talk about alert design, appropriate sources of context for alerts, and ways to use Nagios to augment the on-call engineer. Read more.