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Baron Schwartz

Baron Schwartz
Founder / CTO, VividCortex

Website | @xaprb

Baron Schwartz is the founder and CTO of VividCortex, the best way to see what your production database servers are doing. Baron has written a lot of open source software and several books, including High Performance MySQL. He’s focused his career on learning and teaching about performance and observability of systems generally, including the view that teams are systems and culture influences their performance, and databases specifically.


John Berryman (Eventbrite), Baron Schwartz (VividCortex)
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The Log infrastructure as introduced by Jay Kreps is becoming a popular blueprint for architecting a Big Data infrastructure. By it's nature, a Log-centered infrastructure is simpler and more robust to failures and spikey, high-volume loading. This talk will cover VividCortex's transition from more traditional API-based infrastructure to a Kafka Log-backed infrastructure. Read more.
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John Berryman (Eventbrite), Baron Schwartz (VividCortex)
John and Baron will talk about log-backed infrastructures and how they can often be better than API or queue-backed infrastructures. They’ll discuss the pain-points they reached while transitioning to the log, and then brainstorm with you about your infrastructures—and how a log-backed infrastructure might work. Read more.