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Rob Peters

Rob Peters
Chief Architect, EdgeCast Networks

Website | @rjpcal

Rob Peters is Chief Architect at Verizon EdgeCast, where he was one of the early members of the engineering group. Peters currently leads teams that work with EdgeCast’s core http cache/proxy engine and its surrounding infrastructure ecosystem of software and hardware. He enjoys thinking about deployment methodologies and looking at graphs and grids full of colorful numbers, and is often mistaken for a subversion and perl fanboy.

Prior to joining EdgeCast in 2008, Rob completed a Ph.D. in Computation & Neural Systems from the California Institute of Technology and spent several years in post-doctoral work at the University of Southern California building biologically-inspired computer vision software. He will be happy to show you a live demo of these algorithms that still manage to run on his laptop. You can find Rob online at


Office Hours
Table 3 (Sponsor Pavilion)
Rob Peters (EdgeCast Networks)
Stop by and ask Rob about Verizon EdgeCast's http platforms, or anything related to his Velocity talk, “Deploying on the Edge.” He’ll talk about making software deployment flows safe and reliable at different layers of the stack; scaling and evolving measurement streams; fun things like C++, Perl, SVN/Git conversions, emacs, and Matlab; and biologically-inspired computer vision. Read more.
Rob Peters (EdgeCast Networks)
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Verizon EdgeCast’s edge network provides global delivery for dynamic applications, websites, mobile apps, live and on-demand streams, large-file downloads, and more. Building and deploying the http server software that delivers this traffic carries some unique challenges, which we address with a combination of new and old best practices along with lessons from our own experiences. Read more.