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Jennifer Leong

Jennifer Leong
Developer Advocate, AT&T


Jen Leong has been in the mobile web industry for almost as long as there has been a mobile web. As a web developer and front- and middle-tier dev lead at Upoc, one of the first mobile-based social networking platforms, she dealt with issues of scale, simultaneity, and asynchonicity. After kicking around in the trenches of mobile web for almost a decade, she joined AT&T in their developer program, working on various mobile web related projects, including building SDKs and working on web standards. Most recently, she was an advocate for improved HTML5 support in web browsers. She has recently joined AT&T’s Application Resource Optimizer (ARO) team, and is excited to join her previous experience with mobile web to performance enhancement. In past lives she has also worked in the mortgage-backed securities online trading business and neurophysics research at NYU.


Rhinelander South
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