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Office Hour with Steve Miller-Jones (Limelight Networks)

Steve Miller-Jones (Limelight Networks)
Office Hours
Table 3 (Sponsor Pavilion)

In Steve’s session, he’ll tell you the 17 things you need to know about website performance. If you have questions about those 17—or maybe you have a burning curiosity about #18—stop by to see Steve. He’s happy to discuss things like:

  • How to get to the data that matters in website performance testing
  • Synthetic Testing and Real User Monitoring: How to use them to get the best assessment of user experience
  • Identifying the performance metrics that matter most to your organization
Photo of Steve Miller-Jones

Steve Miller-Jones

Limelight Networks

Steve has worked in the streaming and content delivery networking (CDN) industry since 2008 and has a software project management and web-application programming background. As Director of Product Management for Limelight Networks, Steve is responsible for the software and services used to deliver global content caching and acceleration.