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Scaling Down: The Offline First Story

Joan Touzet (Cloudant, an IBM Company)
Murray Hill East
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What is the point of your offering if people can’t access it? Travel to just about any other country and you’ll immediately experience the pain of reduced or no data service. Mobile connectivity and bandwidth problems won’t solve themselves on a global level anywhere in the near future. Discover how to design or refit your service / application to thrive in an Offline First world.

This session is sponsored by Cloudant, an IBM Company

Photo of Joan Touzet

Joan Touzet

Cloudant, an IBM Company

Joan Touzet has been using Apache CouchDB since 2008. She is now a committer and PMC member for Apache CouchDB, and acts as Senior Software Development Manager at Cloudant, an IBM Company.

Her major effort for 2014 is coordinating the merge of Cloudant’s BigCouch branch back into CouchDB towards a CouchDB 2.0 release. Recently, Joan has given talks at CloudantCON 2014, CouchDB Conf 2013, ChefConf 2013 and PyCon Canada 2012, all of which are viewable on YouTube.

In her spare time, Joan builds and repairs motorcycles, pilots small aircraft, and composes music for video game soundtracks.