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The Easy Button – How To Measure Revenue in Milliseconds

Steve Skroce (CVS), Cliff Crocker (Akamai)
Murray Hill East
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The Velocity community has worked for years to illustrate the importance of performance to the websites we support. Studies from Google, Bing, Walmart and others have demonstrated the impact that performance has on revenue. However, many attendees struggle to bring this knowledge beyond the Velocity bubble and into their companies. In this talk, we’ll hear directly from Staples how they have begun to turn these conversations into reality. You’ll leave this talk with the tools necessary to begin moving the conversation forward to create a real performance culture within your organization.

This session is sponsored by SOASTA

Photo of Steve Skroce

Steve Skroce


Steve brings 20 years of digital experience to the table, spending most of his time in the Boston advertising community. Whether he’s wearing his developer hat, SEO hat, or web performance hat, Steve manages to Make More Happen with the opportunity in front of him. As part of the Site Operations team at CVS he seeks to improve the customer experience by reducing page load times and delivering information to customers faster.

Photo of Cliff Crocker

Cliff Crocker


Cliff Crocker is a product line director at Akamai Technologies, where he spends his time building product strategy for performance analytics. Previously, he was vice president of product at SOASTA and engineering leader for the performance, reliability, and site analytics initiatives at @WalmartLabs. Cliff is an active contributor in the web performance community, evangelizing the importance of speed as it relates to user behavior and ultimately business ROI. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing in the mountains of Colorado, where he resides with his wife and two boys.