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Rigorous Performance Testing on the Web

Grant Ellis (Instart Logic)
Murray Hill East
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The Web performance industry is as old as the Web itself, and in that time, performance testing has gone through multiple paradigm shifts. Grant will explain the challenges of ensuring good performance on the Web with more complex, dynamic, personalized applications today — not to mention more congested wireless networks. Grant will explain how performance testing tools have evolved to measure different aspects of performance, and how to analyze and interpret raw performance data. Tools will be compared under real-world circumstances, the mechanics of today’s web will be explained, and FUD about web performance will be debunked.

This session is sponsored by Instart Logic

Photo of Grant Ellis

Grant Ellis

Instart Logic

Grant is a passionate web performance evangelist. He joined Instart Logic in late 2013 as a senior performance architect. To date, Grant has spent eight years in the web performance space, working at Instart Logic, Strangeloop Networks, and at Akamai Technologies. For his last three years at Akamai, Grant served as an enterprise architect, consulting on all aspects of web performance, scale, fault-tolerance, and security. He was also responsible for custom solution design, complicated integrations, and technical pre-sales. Before Akamai, Grant was a consultant and analyst with Accenture. He holds a B.S. degree in computer science, and a minor in mathematical modeling from Trinity College in Hartford.