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From Design to Production Monitoring – Passing the Baton in the App Performance Lifecycle

Shane Evans (Hewlett-Packard), Oded Keret (HP Software)
Murray Hill East
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Today’s application development is fast and furious, with the expectation that “ready, fire!, aim, fire!” will at least come close to hitting the mark. This puts a lot of pressure on developers to get performance right the first time a new application or feature hits the market. Well you aren’t alone.
HP RnD team will provide some insights about performance metrics to be captured when developing web and mobile apps, front and back end performance test, and performance monitoring.
Besides our own applications, we have been helping customers deliver high performance applications for 20 years, and we’ve learned a few things along the way. In this session we’ll walk from conception to production that will help you ensure you are getting the best possible performance out of your applications.

This session is sponsored by HP

Photo of Shane Evans

Shane Evans


Shane Evans (@ShaneEvansLR) is a career performance engineer, ScrumMaster, and current product manager for the industry-leading HP LoadRunner performance testing tool. With twelve years of hands-on experience in Enterprise IT, ranging from technical support and quality assurance to performance management and engineering, Shane has helped build CoEs and deliver high-performing business applications. Since joining HP in 2009, he has helped hundreds of customers worldwide meet their application performance objectives. Shane is an advocate for education and mentoring over tools and process. He moved from Vancouver, BC, Canada, to California in 2012—and does not miss the rain. 

Photo of Oded Keret

Oded Keret

HP Software

Oded is currently performing the role of a Product Owner for the HP TruClient and StormRunner R&D teams. he is a TAU Software Engineering graduate with five years of coding experience, many of them spent in the LoadRunner R&D team. Oded is also the founder of the Board Games in Tel Aviv Meetup group, and Co-Founder of The Party™ team.