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Office Hour with Mikey Dickerson (Federal Government | United States Digital Services Team)

Mikey Dickerson (Federal Government | United States Digital Services Team)
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Mikey tackled the most-closely watched government IT project of all time, and lived to tell of it! Come talk to him about lessons learned and:

  • Guiding interested individuals to the specific government sector opportunities that match their availability and skills (basically recruiting, but for a broad spectrum of both government agencies and private sector contractors).
  • Helping people who have their own company and want to get involved with the government somehow
Photo of Mikey Dickerson

Mikey Dickerson

Federal Government | United States Digital Services Team

In 2013, Mikey Dickerson joined what became known as the “ad hoc” team, tasked with rescuing after its failed launch on October 1. In August 2014, President Obama established the United States Digital Service to see if the strategy that succeeded at pulling out of the fire could be applied to other government problems and appointed Mikey to serve as the administrator. Now two years old and employing about 150 people spanning a network of federal agencies, the US Digital Service has taken on immigration, education, veterans benefits, and health data interoperability and helped agencies build effective government services and improve IT procurements by focusing on industry best practices and agile methodology, ultimately driving change in the largest institution in history. Prior to joining the US Digital Service, Mikey worked as a site reliability manager at Google.