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Office Hour with Nassim Kammah (Etsy)

Nassim Kammah (Etsy)
Office Hours
Table 2 (Sponsor Pavilion)

Nassim has a story to tell about Etsy’s journey to continuous integration, but would like to chat with you about your journey, too. Talk to Nassim about:

  • Setting up CI pipelines for mobile apps
  • Functional testing/calabash
  • How amazing will it be when we won’t have to go through any app store
Photo of Nassim Kammah

Nassim Kammah


Nassim Kammah is a Software Engineer on the Test Automation Team at Etsy. Nassim has several years experience building and maintaining Continuous Integration environments for various platforms and languages. Lately, he has been focusing on building the mobile automation infrastructure for the Android and iOS apps at Etsy.