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Office Hour with David Woods (Ohio State University)

David Woods (Ohio State University SNAFUcatchers)
Office Hours
Table 2 (Sponsor Pavilion)

Are you ready to probe deeper into the mystery of sustained adaptability? David is here to help. He’ll discuss:

  • Outmaneuvering complexity in faster, better, cheaper world
  • The risk of failure is due to brittle systems — how to overcome the risk of brittleness
  • Proactive safety management — how to be prepared to be surprised
Photo of David Woods

David Woods

Ohio State University SNAFUcatchers

David Woods is a professor at the Ohio State University, where he is the lead for the Initiative on Complexity in Natural, Social, and Engineered Systems and the codirector of Ohio State University’s Cognitive Systems Engineering Laboratory. David is a former president of both the Resilience Engineering Association and the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

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Picture of Nikolas Katsimpra
Nikolas Katsimpra
09/16/2014 6:56am EDT

I look forward to talking to you, I am very interested in hearing more about your work. Our office hours overlap but I see that our tables are next to each other (1 -2), hopefully we can meet. Have a great day.