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Office Hour with David Josephsen (Librato)

David Josephsen (Librato)
Office Hours
Table 1 (Sponsor Pavilion)

David would be happy to talk with you about all things monitoring. Come to his office hour to learn about:

  • Reducing alert fatigue through better planning
  • Why we monitor things, and how understanding why makes monitoring better
  • Using monitoring tools and techniques to prove out software engineering assumptions
  • Closing and shortening the feedback loop between Dev and Ops
Photo of David Josephsen

David Josephsen


As the developer evangelist for Librato, Dave Josephsen hacks on tools and documentation, writes about statistics, systems monitoring, alerting, metrics collection and visualization, and generally does anything he can to help engineers and developers close the feedback loop in their systems. He’s written books for Prentice Hall and O’Reilly, speaks shell, Go, C, Python, Perl and a little bit of Spanish (in that order), and has never lost a game of Calvinball.