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Office Hour with Bethany Andres-Beck (

Bethany Andres-Beck (Independent)
Office Hours
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I look forward to chatting with you about the mobile web versus hybrid apps versus native apps, and moving between the three, as well as:

  • Fomenting a grassroots testing culture
  • Unit testing of legacy code
  • A/B testing, UX design and the importance of causal narratives
  • Social Engineering greater productivity
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Bethany Andres-Beck


Beth Andres-Beck (@bethcodes) is a full-stack software engineer on the TripAdvisor Mobile Web team, working in Java, JavaScript and HTML5. She has also worked on Internationalization, hybrid apps, the TripAdvisor RESTful API, and supporting a team that grew from 6 developers to 30 developers collaborating across two locations in a few months. Her past experience in computer vision research and her degree in Costume Design come up seldom, but it is typically epic when they do.