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One Year After Where Are We Now?

Mikey Dickerson (Federal Government | United States Digital Services Team)
Grand Ballroom
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(4.73, 60 ratings), possibly the most closely watched government IT project of all time, launched to intense media scrutiny on October 1, 2013…and spectacularly fell on its face. The next six months would be a watershed in the federal government, as a trillion-dollar agency came to grips with the fact that there was no product to buy, and no check they could write, to deliver a working website. Yet the site did eventually become functional, helped by what Time Magazine described as “a team of unknown coders and troubleshooters who dropped what they were doing in various enterprises across the country and came together in mid-October.”

As best as we can in 25 minutes, we’ll catch you up on the legacy of, the current state of the art in federal government technology, what has become of those formerly-unknown engineers, and what these all have to do with each other.

Photo of Mikey Dickerson

Mikey Dickerson

Federal Government | United States Digital Services Team

Mikey Dickerson worked in Site Reliability Engineering at Google from
2006 to 2014, modulo side trips to work on the Obama campaigns in 2008
and 2012. In 2013 he took one more leave of absence to join what became known as the “ad hoc” team that rescued after its disastrous launch on October 1. He has been on a baffling through-the-looking-glass adventure ever since, including a move in August 2014 to become the Administrator of the newly created United States Digital Service.

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V Sridhar
09/17/2014 7:24am EDT

Modesty, Frankness and Humour were the hallmark of your talk. Loved the way you ended with an open invite for contributing to make a difference. Keep up the good work.

Szu-Han Chen
09/16/2014 7:49pm EDT

At the end of Mikey Dickerson’s keynote, he mentioned that he wanted more people to be involved in this program. However, I’m not able to find any information from google searching (besides crappy news articles about USDS).

Where can I get information on working at 18F or the United States Digital Service?