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The Physics of Fast Graphics

Tobin Titus (Microsoft)
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Getting content to the user fast is one the chief concerns of web performance. Performance best practices for graphics currently include a number of recommendations that are usually aimed at reducing network utilization. These recommendations are important. However, as our landscape continues to shift to lower-cost devices on mobile networks, we face more challenges than we would have ever expected.

This sessions will cover physical limitations of these devices, choices of graphics formats, and how those limitations affect not just graphics, but your entire site or application performance.

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Tobin Titus


Tobin Titus is a performance program manager on the Microsoft Internet Explorer team. Tobin has worked at Microsoft for 8 years on both sides of the HTTP conversation—spending the first part of his term on Internet Information Server and the latter on Internet Explorer. Before working at Microsoft Tobin was a consultant, helping to design and develop scalable internet applications for financial institutions and state government entities. Tobin has authored books on programming with Microsoft tools and technologies and holds patents on 3D virtual-world innovations.