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Continuous Delusions: The Hard Truth about C.D.

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The widespread adoption of CI/CD has brought about a narrow focus on automation and testing while disregarding some of of CD main/original goals. The main idea of this talk is to highlight forgotten aspects and neglected principles in CD, namely reduced inventory, fast feedback loops, fast response to client needs and operational flexibility – serving the greater purpose of a business focused continuously improving culture.

  • Deployment is a hyped process with plenty of PR, but is it necessarily more complex than other production processes every company deals with?
  • Issues with deployment and CD are often systemic issues and not specific to deployment; rather they are caused by cultural issues and by Conway’s law architectural issues.
  • CD is really about Control, Monitoring, and Architecture in contrast with the common view that implementing CD revolves around tools and automation.
  • The reasons for implementing CD and the cultural changes that need to occur in order to best utilize and monetize it.
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Avishai Ish-Shalom


Avishai Ish-Shalom is a co-founder of Fewbytes, an Israel based consultancy firm, with almost a decade of experience in IT systems and web operations. Avishai is an Open Source enthusiast and a complete automation geek. As a consultant, Avishai helps startups and enterprises build better systems and embrace the DevOps spirit.