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Test Driven Mobile Development with Appium, Just Like Selenium

Jonah Stiennon (Sauce Labs)
Rhinelander South
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Appium is an open source project which allows one to programmatically control mobile devices from the outside as if you were a user. No extra code needs to be injected into your app binary, ensuring the code which gets tested is EXACTLY the code which users run. Appium provides the same interface for iOS and Android, so one suite of tests can ensure that all versions of your app are reliable. Just like its web counterpart, Selenium, commands get sent to Appium as normal HTTP requests, allowing developers to write their tests in the language of their choice.

With rapid development, deployment, and multiple hardware specs, comprehensive testing is more relevant now than ever before. I will demonstrate setting up Appium on a laptop and testing an app on my phone, live. I will show how the same tests which I run against a desktop website can be applied to browsers on both Android and iOS devices without requiring any code to be rewritten.

Once running locally, I will demonstrate how Appium servers can then be moved to remote locations in the cloud, allowing for tests to be run in parallel on all types of devices.

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Jonah Stiennon

Sauce Labs

Jonah Stiennon is a software developer on the Ecosystem and Integrations team at Sauce Labs, and a contributor to Appium . As far as he knows, he is the only Node.js developer who was paid in Bitcoin and issued invoices as JSON documents.