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DevOps and the Intentionally Emergent Enterprise

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The technologies and methods of the web are making their way into the traditional corporate enterprise. It’s all too easy for the engineers and technologists among us to see this as simply a better way of delivering technology into moribund sectors, but what’s happening is more fundamental and offers an opportunity to change how companies are managed and what businesses they are in.

By lowering hurdles for internal innovation web-like platforms and processes will support the transition from sequential command and control to parallel processes of act and adapt. As the cost of experimentation plummets and feedback loops tighten companies will take on the more emergent feel of the web. And in complex environments, parallel and emergent is smarter than sequential and centrally managed.

This talk will establish historical context, why the corporate enterprise evolved the way it did, and contrast that history with the web. It will describe why a connected world is taxing the traditional enterprise’s command and control mechanisms and describe an act and adapt alternative and how web-like platforms and methods encourage this alternative.

This talk is about looking at the bigger picture of how all this stuff we talk about all the time isn’t just making businesses more efficient, it’s changing how they work, how they are managed, and what they can do.

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Jim Stogdill

Until recently Jim Stogdill headed up O’Reilly’s Radar and Strata businesses. Now he’s on a long awaited sabbatical but still thinking about technology’s impact on organizations. In a previous life he traveled the world with the U.S. Navy. Unfortunately from his vantage point it all looked like the inside of a submarine. He spends his free time hacking silver halides with decidedly low-tech gear.