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"DevOps" in a Post-DevOps World

J. Paul Reed (Release Engineering Approaches)
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Has “DevOps” jumped the shark?

Some organizations are just starting to discover and experiment with it; others say 2014 will be the year DevOps dons its Fonz-esque leather jacket. Whichever you believe, the marketing frenzy has begun and the dilution of the “DevOps” concept to include everything (and simultaneously mean nothing) is palpable.

This talk deconstructs the elements of DevOps that made it resonate so strongly with so many and facilitated the successes of organizations like Netflix and Etsy.

We’ll go beyond DevOps’ classical CAMS (culture, automation, metrics, and sharing) definition and examine exactly what made DevOps relevant, what aspects of it are so timeless, and what skills we need to focus on individually and promote within our organizations to harness the next “mega-transformational method/process/religion” that follows DevOps (and limits companies’ DevOps transformations today!).

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J. Paul Reed

Release Engineering Approaches

DevOps and release engineering reporter for O’Reilly; host of The Ship Show