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The Surprising Path to a Faster

Eitan Konigsburg (The New York Times Company)
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The current mantra in performance thinking is “Tools not Rules.” The premise is simple: The path to faster websites is not only about fast requests, but how they interact with paints, animations, and script execution. But tools are only part of the solution. What The New York Times discovered is that performance is about truly understanding your product and users, and the sum total of your site. Following this approach can lead to surprising results.

The New York Times underwent a major redesign that involved a rewrite of the entire technology stack. The Product team not only bought into the idea that performance should be a goal, but mandated that it be part of the product’s success. While we implemented many of the community’s best practices, our biggest wins were a little surprising, and at first glance, counter to community best practices. I’ll be covering those changes, what worked, what didn’t, and how we got there.

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Eitan Konigsburg

The New York Times Company

Eitan is a Front-end Software Architect at The New York Times and has been the performance champion there for the last five years.