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Fast and Responsive Images

Sergey Chernyshev (NY Web Performance Meetup)
Rhinelander South
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Responsive design is taking the world by a storm and every team is converting their site to be on mobile or preparing to do that soon.

Few people however realize performance implications of this new approach to web development and one of the issues is images which represent more then 60% of all network payload and can congest wireless networks with data unnecessary for display on naturally smaller screens than desktop.

This issue gave birth to various Responsive Images techniques which are used to display “just right” size of the image for user’s device. There are several aspects of the issue that need to be considered, from formats and resolutions to content management and implementation code. When done wrong, performance can degrade much worse then original “desktop” approach, but with a few key features implemented right, can reduce payload size dramatically providing improved user experience.

Sergey Chernyshev will talk about various aspects of Responsive Images and Performance and share truTV’s experience of implementing it on the pages of and image processing pipeline behind the scenes causing 10x reduction in payload sizes on mobile phones.

Photo of Sergey Chernyshev

Sergey Chernyshev

NY Web Performance Meetup

Sergey Chernyshev works at truTV (Turner) and responsible for web technology for their highly trafficked web site ( He has more then 17 years of web technology experience and active open source developer and web technology enthusiast.

Sergey is an organizer of New York Web Performance Meetup, first local Web Performance group that meets monthly to discuss performance-related topics.

He’s creator and primary developer of ShowSlow, an open source tool that helps monitor YSlow grades, Page Speed scores and various other website performance metrics over time.

Sergey blogs about performance on ShowSlow blog

Sergey’s web site