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Engineering-Inspired Organizational Change

jay compton (Healthagen, an Aetna company)
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Healthagen a population health management and health information technology company created by Aetna. From a technology perspective, our mission is to transform the way healthcare software products are developed. We focus heavily on design-thinking, product management and engineering. Initially we challenged the executive team to re-envision how operations was managed, and we created the development operations (devops) team to support product development teams in a faster, leaner fashion that allowed for adaptability, flexibility and new technology (Ruby/Rails, iOS, Android, Angular and more). Due to the regulations governing the healthcare industry, security and compliance were a core requirement that had to be present.

We hypothesized a basic principle that the right engineer would be experienced in the methods of software development and could apply those skills to operational engineering. By applying test/behavior-driven development to building a platform service, the team could provide platforms fast, at-scale, and in a cost-effective manner. Following that milestone, the team could traverse up the stack to create modules and frameworks that would allow for even faster product experimentation and deployment. Ultimately, the team could evolve or adapt into the central engineering unit to create new product from concepts developed by strategy, executives, and thought leaders in the organization.

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jay compton

Healthagen, an Aetna company

Software and development operations manager and leader with 15 years of software and system engineering experience. Specialties include building web scale applications and operations for large-scale volume. Software engineering background includes agile/lean development methods such as scrum/kanban/XP/pair programming and continuous integration/delivery. Development and web operations, including datacenter and cloud operations, high availability/disaster recovery/business continuity planning, and degradation prediction/prevention. Cost-effective, sustainable and adaptive system design with a focus on the performance of the entire system.

- Adaptive, distributed system and deployment engineering
- Web and mobile scale operations
- Agile and lean product development
- Cross-functional engineering management and leadership
- Bringing the whole system together to function as a singular computing unit and making sure it runs well
- Building engineering teams and culture centered around top engineering athletes