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Massive, Global, Mobile, Wifi, and RUM: How eBay and PayPal Measure and Improve Site Speed

Steve Lerner (eBay, Inc.), Rajasekhar Bhogi (eBay, Inc.)
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Measuring and improving performance is particularly important for eBay and its family of companies. When 100% of traffic carries e-commerce, every millisecond counts. eBay’s Site Speed Team leaders from Network and Platform engineering will give a detailed walkthrough of eBay’s methods for continuously measuring and improving site, transaction, and API speed across devices and geographies.

This technical session will cover aspects throughout eBay’s performance engineering, and highlight:

- CDN strategy with before/after metrics from global CDN architecture changes

- Best Practices and examples of eBay’s use of synthetic testing

- Deployment failures and what we learned from them

- Specific descriptions of code related changes that worked- from FEO to replatforming

- eBay’s implementation of NAVtiming for RUM

- Examples of improving web and mobile-app performance

- Goals and vision for the future along with ideas for the Velocity community

Key takeaways for the audience will include specific examples of how to use the same tools, used by eBay and PayPal, to impact their own environments.

Photo of Steve Lerner

Steve Lerner

eBay, Inc.

Steve Lerner leads network engineering, operations, and strategy for website/mobile app performance and scalability at eBay, Inc. Additionally he coordinates R&D, testing, support and training with engineering groups that utilize CDN services across eBay’s family of companies

Steve has managed large-scale technology operations and strategy since 1997. He joined eBay from RampRate, a leading IT infrastructure sourcing and advisory firm, where he led strategy and vendor negotiation engagements for CDN, colocation, network, and digital media supply chain clients.

He was Vice President of Operations and Media Technology at Speedera Networks CDN, where he oversaw Speedera’s entire network- comprising 80 colocation sites, procurement and 24×7 NOC. Speedera offered complete web and media solutions and was acquired by Akamai Technologies Inc. in 2005.

Steve holds an MBA from Columbia University, dual degree with the University of California at Berkeley, and a BA in Economics from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Photo of Rajasekhar Bhogi

Rajasekhar Bhogi

eBay, Inc.

Rajasekhar Bhogi
Manager, Software Development, Global Platform Frameworks, eBay, Inc.

Rajasekhar Bhogi drives software platform development at eBay, Inc. focusing on continuous improvement of the site speed of eBay Marketplace. He is the co-creator of eBay’s in-house real user metrics solution, in use since 2008. Raja is responsible for all aspects of tuning eBay Marketplace infrastructure with new performance technology, monitoring techniques, and reporting.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Technology, Electronics and Communications from Nagarjuna University.