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On Application Responsiveness: How Can the Turtle Look Like a Gazelle

Amichai Nitsan (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Dana Gilboa (HP Software), Efrat Ben-David (HP)
Rhinelander South
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Over the years there has been lot of attention into technologies that improve the code execution times on the server or client sides, enable faster database queries etc. But very little attention has been put into application design with regards to application responsiveness.

In this talk we will share some application design tips and tricks for building applications that do not only work fast, but are also (and sometimes, only) perceived fast by the users. Those tips are mainly in the areas of super-fast user input reaction, making the application usable with only part of the data available and preparing for the next user actions.

The presentation will be accompanied with demonstrations on how to achieve these goals with a demo application, based on our experience with real applications – but those concepts can easily be applied to other technologies like web development.

We are working at HP Software R&D center focusing on monitoring of mobile applications in production. We feel we want to share our conclusions with the mobile development community!

Photo of Amichai Nitsan

Amichai Nitsan

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Amichai Nitsan is a Senior Architect at HP Software, focusing on mobile applications and technologies. Amichai is a freak of innovations and new ideas and runs several internal “start up” projects inside HP Software. Over the years Amichai has filed over 30 patents. He holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in computer science from the Hebrew University.

Photo of Dana Gilboa

Dana Gilboa

HP Software

Dana graduated from Technion (Israel institute of technology) in 2003. She has 11 years of experience, 9 of them in the APM area – first as a developer (Java, C++) then as a manager (activity, team, section) and eventually as functional architect.

She is currently the chief functional architect of APM Apps RnD in HP Software, a group developing real user monitoring and deep dive diagnostics tools.

Photo of Efrat Ben-David

Efrat Ben-David


Efrat Ben-David is a Senior SW developer at HP Software, focusing on mobile applications monitoring. she holds a B.Sc. in computer science from Ben-Gurion University Israel, and has been working as a software engineer for 14 years.