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Handling The Rush

Brian Nuszkowski (Duo Security)
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This talk captures the ideas and results of over a years worth of work defining the load testing strategy that was used for a large retail online ordering system. Even though we did experience growth, our traffic patterns were relatively predictable. As online ordering grew towards a large percentage of the business and the company was able to craft high-value, high-volume promotions, my team and I realized we needed to be prepared to handle any volume of traffic that was thrown at us. Our services were fast, but how did they perform under pressure?

So, my team and I sought the guidance of several load testing vendors and soon discovered that a mostly generic formula was being used across the industry: throw as much traffic as you can at your site and see when it breaks. This method disappointed and most importantly, failed us, so we decided to seek out some answers for ourselves. From our work, we were able to identify 5 areas that provided us with a framework to generate successful and realistic load tests. It is my intention that this information will reach other companies who are experiencing similar issues and in turn assist them in developing a realistic and accurate load testing strategy for their sites. If Success = Fast + Vast, here, I’ll be covering vast.

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Brian Nuszkowski

Duo Security

Brian previously was a Site Reliability Engineer for Domino’s Pizza, a worldwide technology company that just happens to sell pizza. He is currently working as a DevOps Engineer at Duo Security, helping to bring two-factor authentication to the world.