Colton McAnlis

Colton McAnlis
Developer Advocate, Google

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Colt McAnlis is a Developer Advocate at Google focusing on Chrome Games and Performance; Before that, he was a systems & graphics programmer in the games industry working at Blizzard, Microsoft (Ensemble), and Petroglyph. He’s a UDACITY course professor for HTML5 games, and also spent 4 years as an Adjunct Professor at SMU Guildhall’s school for game development. When he’s not working with developers, Colt spends his time preparing for an invasion of giant ants from outer space. You can follow him on G+ , Twitter, or his Blog


Web Performance, Grand Ballroom
Colton McAnlis (Google)
Average rating: ***..
(3.75, 8 ratings)
For many high-performance web applications, badly managed memory can create a slew of performance problems, especially for mobile! Join Colt for a quick lightning demo where he'll be showing off some very quick, powerful techniques in Chrome DevTools to help you track down and fix your memory problems. Read more.
Web Performance, Grand Ballroom East
Colton McAnlis (Google)
Average rating: ****.
(4.55, 11 ratings)
Maximize your web-app performance by taking control of your memory churn. This session will teach you how to reduce un-needed memory thrashing and minimize Garbage Collector taxation through analysis and a few very helpful data structures. Read more.


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