Norberth Danson
Developer, Intuit

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Norberth is a full-stack, senior software engineer with a passion for technologies that make a developer’s life easier. An integral part of the performance team at Intuit, Norberth focuses primarily on frontend performance, architecture and application logic. As a huge fan of client side MVC frameworks, he uses and abuses Backbone.js and Ember.js. Norberth first gained credibility and notoriety when he created a Facebook clone as a sole developer, which evolved into a company building social widgets for the web. Hailing from Romania, Norberth believes in lifelong learning, and lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and two kids.


Web Performance, Grand Ballroom West
Jay Hung (WebMocha), Norberth Danson (Intuit)
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In Jan 2012, HTTP Archive reported as taking 15s to load. By Apr 2013, this page was loading in 3.6s, with 5 additional sites showing significant improvements from the previous year, some as fast as 2s. How did we do it? What worked or didn't work? Come learn about what we did, the techniques we used, and how faster pages impacted our business results. Read more.


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