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Operations, Beekman Parlor
Tutorial Please note: to attend, your registration must include Tutorials on Monday.
Mandi Walls (Chef)
Most of us think of Jenkins as a build server, but it can be so much more. The flexibility of Jenkins makes it an interesting tool to add to your operations toolkit. Make Jenkins the next member of your Operations team, automating tasks like syntax checking before restarting services like Nagios and BIND, ensuring that tests pass before affecting production. Read more.
Operations, Beekman Parlor
Tutorial Please note: to attend, your registration must include Tutorials on Monday.
Bethany Erskine (Paperless Post)
Paperless Post recently replaced Nagios with Sensu, a new and awesome free monitoring and metrics router that is designed with configuration management and cloud deployments in mind. In this presentation we’ll take an in-depth look into why we chose Sensu, how to deploy it, how to scale it, and how to integrate it with your existing tools. Read more.
Web Performance, Sutton North
Tutorial Please note: to attend, your registration must include Tutorials on Monday.
Ilya Grigorik (Google)
Optimizing networking performance is a critical component of your web performance strategy - after all, if the browser is blocked on the network, than all other processing is blocked as well In this tutorial we'll take a deep-dive on TCP tuning, TLS performance, optimizing proxy and server processing and more. Bonus: hands-on performance tips for HTTP 2.0! Read more.
Operations, Sutton South
Tutorial Please note: to attend, your registration must include Tutorials on Monday.
Baron Schwartz (VividCortex)
Many people have asked me what they should monitor. Others have shown me a page full of charts and asked what they mean. Why? Because we largely monitor our systems in ways that our tools support. The tail is wagging the dog. Let's think about what our systems do for us and how to monitor them. Current tools are inadequate, so let's talk about how to build better tools. Read more.
Event, Sponsor Pavilion
Grab a drink, mingle with fellow Velocity participants, and see the latest technologies and products from leading companies before Ignite Velocity starts. Read more.
Grand Ballroom
Steve Souders (SpeedCurve), John Allspaw (Adaptive Capacity Labs)
Program Chairs, John Allspaw and Steve Souders, open the first day of keynotes. Read more.
Velocity Culture, Grand Ballroom
Courtney Nash (O'Reilly)
Keynote by Courtney Nash, Editor at O'Reilly Media. Read more.
Operations, Sutton North
Mike Zaic (Wild Sky Media), Dan White (CafeMom)
In the startup world, the most pressing issue usually isn't, "how to we prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime storm?" Risk management is always stressed at Velocity, but businesses don't always buy into dedicating resources to low probability events. Let our comedy of errors during Hurricane Sandy help to convince your bosses that infrastructure and redundancy are actually worthwhile investments. Read more.
Operations, Grand Ballroom West
Alexis Le-Quoc (Datadog)
In web operations, monitoring is the main interface to our applications. A monitoring system alerts us, interrupts us, awakes us. When it does, maybe the site is on fire (signal), maybe a new application broke old monitoring assumptions (noise). Noisy monitoring leads to outages, frustration and resentment. How do we cut the noise and turn monitoring from necessary evil into operational strength? Read more.
Sponsored, Regent Parlor
Andrew Fong (Dropbox)
Hear how the Dropbox team scaled over the past 18 months from one SRE and network engineer to a technical operations organization that supports over 200M users and 150 engineers. We’ll cover topics from team structure to working in a hybrid EC2/dedicated model. Read more.
Operations, Grand Ballroom West
Steven Murawski (Stack Exchange), Nick Craver (Stack Exchange), George Beech (Stack Exchange, Inc.)
Stack Overflow is a developer-centered Q&A site handling 3 billion requests per month using a variety of platforms and products to deliver content. With a small sysadmin team, building our deployments, applications and architecture for ease of management and maintenance is key. Most of what’s used is an application of widely available open-source, or written in-house and open-sourced for you. Read more.
Web Performance, Grand Ballroom East
Seth Walker (Etsy)
Etsy published its first quarterly Site Performance Report in August of 2011, and with each post we have improved our tools, methodologies, and best of all, the site's performance. This talk will combine helpful tips and lessons learned to make a case for sharing your performance data with all of your stakeholders. Read more.
Operations, Grand Ballroom West
Alois Reitbauer (Dynatrace)
Incident management is the spine of operations monitoring. Getting them working properly is a challenge. Besides in-depth knowledge about how applications work, you need a fair amount of mathematical skills, We needed to develop a reliable incident system that works consistent in over 1000 applications without the requirement for any manual configuration. This talk will cover how we did it. Read more.
Operations, Grand Ballroom West
Paul Gross (Braintree Payments)
Braintree is a payment gateway, so downtime directly costs both us and our merchants money. Therefore, high availability is extremely important to us. This talk will cover how we do HA at Braintree on our Ruby on Rails application, including no-downtime deploys and load balancing across services and ISPs. Read more.
Velocity Culture, Sutton North
Mark Imbriaco (Pivotal)
We'll look at some concrete examples and talk about the cultural implications of operating GitHub in a chat room that anyone in the company can watch. Read more.
Operations, Grand Ballroom East
Phil Dibowitz (Facebook)
This talk looks at how Facebook has redesigned its configuration management system to handle a massive, dynamic, heterogeneous environment with a tiny team and open source software. We will look at the philosophy we use to manage our systems, the implementation of that philosophy, and how you can apply these ideas to any size server footprint, from a handful of servers to a global environment. Read more.
Operations, Grand Ballroom East
Joshua Hoffman (LeaseWeb)
The challenge: Move 50 Million blogs over 1000 miles in under 6 hours. Read more.
Operations, Grand Ballroom East
Alexei Rodriguez (Evernote Corporation)
This session will cover the evolution of the technologies, tools, and team that power the Evernote service. It will include some of the joys (and woes) of dealing with with a diverse set of client applications. Read more.
Velocity Culture, Beekman Parlor
Tyler Mike (Paribus)
In the field of operations, whether they be web, cloud, systems, network, or IT, we are finding that there is a problem finding qualified people to help us do more things. Once we've grown old, who will take over for us? Read more.
Velocity Culture, Beekman Parlor
Andrew Clay Shafer (Pivotal)
Does your organization believe there is a talent shortage? Do you have a 'learning' organization? See the problem? This presentation will combine research and anecdotes on learning cultures, and the positive impact of developing talent on attracting and retaining talent. Read more.


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