Office Hour with Jay Hung and Norberth Danson

Office Hour, Office Hours (Table 1)
  • Learn greater details of how we optimized Intuit web sites from as slow as 15s to as fast as 2s.
  • See how we use to identify and understand pageload bottlenecks (we can even live analyze a public url of yours)
  • Ask us about our positive business results, automated performance monitoring, or anything else from our talk.
Photo of Jay Hung

Jay Hung


Jay Hung first learned about FEO (front-end optimization) in 2006 as an engineer at Yahoo!. His team was among the first to implement Steve Souders’ principles and techniques in Yahoo! products, and Jay cites Steve’s “14 rules for faster-loading web sites” as among his most valuable takeaways. Since then, Jay has gone on to optimize numerous web properties from startups to top Alexa sites, and remains hugely passionate about frontend performance.

Norberth Danson




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