Stylesheet Wrangling with SCSS

Web Performance, Grand Ballroom East
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Optimizing your CSS for better performance can feel a lot like herding cats. There are countless loose ends to track down, and optimizing one element can create problems in another. In this talk we’ll go through a systematic approach to optimizing your stylesheets, cover the basics of CSS optimization and show how working with preprocessors such as SCSS can make it easier to optimize your stylesheets.

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Sarah Forst

Roundarch Isobar

As a self professed nerd, I’ve been playing around with computers since I was a little kid, starting with writing simple scripts for my Apple IIgs, to where I am now, building rich internet applications., I’ve followed a somewhat non-traditional path to becoming a front-end web developer. I’ve worked as an art director, taught at SVA, worked as a tech editor, and come a long way from my first geocities website with animated gifs. I also hold an English Degree from Cornell University, am an avid reader, and love biking. I’m happiest implementing beautiful UI’s, regardless of language. I love developing standards compliant HTML, but have also developed for Flex, dabbled in iOS, and easily pick up other languages. Follow her on twitter @quoo.


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