Mining for Gold: How Browser, Network and Application Trace Mash-Ups Can Boost Application Performance

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Put an end to the frustration of deriving actionable performance information from web application data. Single data sources rarely paint a complete picture, especially when you consider transaction paths that navigate complex virtualized infrastructures and multi-cloud environments. Join us for an insightful presentation on how you can more easily sift through the voluminous data collected through Application Performance Monitoring (APM) — including data from browser instrumentation, Java and .NET traces, network packets, databases, etc. – and find the gold that will help you boost application performance.

In this presentation Dell performance expert Joe Rustad will discuss the value and use cases for different types of performance data, as well as the more significant value that comes from merged transactional models that amplify the value of the data. Plus, special guest and cloud expert, George Reese, will discuss how cloud automation can integrate with APM. Specifically, the presentation will focus on:

  1. The benefit of coupling transactional models to resource pools – Learn how to take complex trace data and relate it to underlying infrastructure resources through structured models of runtime architecture. Understand how transactional data relates to the fast moving infrastructure in a multi-cloud environment.
  2. The use cases for isolated and merged data sets for the technical team – Hear real world use cases to learn how seemingly disconnected application trace data sets can be rationalized to paint a clearer picture of transaction flow. Learn how to search for interesting nuggets in trace data sets, explore relationships between application trace metrics and understand true end-to-end time through trace data analysis. Boost your performance game by leveraging multi-trace models in advanced performance analytics scenarios.
  3. The benefit of merged transactional data to the business – Learn how to measure the impact of IT on the success of the business. Relate lost sales to performance problems and weigh the performance costs of using a multi-cloud against potential and actual conversion rate improvements.

This session is sponsored by Dell

Photo of Joe Rustad

Joe Rustad


Joe Rustad is a senior software engineer with more than 15 years of professional experience developing APM products. Specializing in application performance and scalability analysis, with experience in automated network performance analysis, response time prediction, run time application performance profiling, and wireless web performance optimization, he is a primary architect for Foglight and Senior Manager for the Foglight APM effort. Joe is passionate about simplifying and automating APM while at the same time giving experts great tools and visibility into the emerging big-data world of performance analysis. Joe holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from San Diego State University.

Photo of George Reese

George Reese

Dell Software

George is the author of several books on cloud computing and enterprise technologies. His most recent books are The REST API Design Handbook and O’Reilly’s Cloud Application Architectures. Professionally, he founded and served as CTO of Enstratius prior to its acquisition by Dell. George has also led a number of Open Source projects including the Dasein Cloud abstraction API for Java. George holds a BA from Bates College in Maine and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


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