Office Hour with Chao Ray Feng

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  • Challenges with measuring performance of modern web pages that are being dynamic in rendering. Is one number enough? — Page Phase Time categorizes different rendering phases.
  • Wouldn’t it be cool if you can know that at what time a user thinks a web page is “done” (in his/her mind)? — Page Phase Time does this.
  • Platform/Browser/Device Independent solution for measuring perceived performance. — For Web Pages and Apps, etc. Page Phase Time is a image analysis algorithm.
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Chao (Ray) Feng


I have been working for Microsoft as a performance engineer since 2006 and mainly focus on web performance on more than 14 different projects including,,,, etc.

Please Try (or on devices) for the patent I filed for the new PLT measurement methodology based on user perceived experience, which is now being used by MSDN and TFS and under consideration by several other internal teams within Microsoft.

On the personal side, I love basketball, squash, swimming (being a professional swimming athlete for 8 years). My wife and I enjoy playing with my 22-month-old daughter, and that is the majority of time we spend over leisure time.


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