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An app’s quality and performance is directly tied to ratings and eventual success (or failure) in app stores. In an analysis of critical 1-star reviews among top free applications in the Apple App Store, Appurify found that more than half of user complaints were tied to performance issues. Fifteen percent of those were specifically about speed—apps were slow, took a long time to load or loads failed entirely.

The lesson is this: Regardless of how much money app makers spend on marketing or how great a design, performance issues can and will kill apps otherwise destined for success. Developers should treat fixing crashes, network and client-side issues before they launch like taking out an insurance policy against their apps.

That’s where Appurify comes in. Appurify has created a platform that allows mobile teams to test their app on every device, operating system, and network condition—before launch.

In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • The state of mobile development today. What are the bottlenecks? How are mobile teams currently testing and optimizing their apps for different devices and operating systems?
  • The unique attributes of testing for mobile. What user and device conditions should teams be addressing before they go to market/push new code?
  • How Appurify’s mobile automation technology addresses these issues. We’ll also share a few examples from Appurify customers, including how they are fitting the platform into their existing development processes to create incredibly high-performing apps.
  • The importance of real devices. While simulators and emulators are widely used, there are many things they cannot do. We’ll discuss why using real mobile devices when testing and optimizing is imperative.

This session is sponsored by Appurify

Photo of Manish Lachwani

Manish Lachwani


Manish is CTO and co-founder at Appurify. As the brains behind Appurify’s technology, Manish holds the secret sauce to the company’s platform. Manish has a unique blend of expertise. As a systems architect at Amazon Kindle, he designed the operating system for the Kindle line of products. At MontaVista, he was among a select group of MIPS/ARM architects that worked on the first multicore real time Linux OS, Linux 2.4 and 2.6 versions. Manish holds 30 patents in areas such as USB, Power Management, Chargers, System Debugging and Validation. Most recently, he was a CTO at Zynga.


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