ChatOps: Augmented Reality for Ops

Velocity Culture, Sutton North
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The ideas of DevOps, with its focus on improved collaboration and
communication have captured our industry in the last few years. But just
saying that you want to improve communication and be more transparent
doesn’t get you anywhere.

As a very widely distributed company, we use online chat as one of our
primary communication channels. In typical GitHub style, though, we turn it
up to 11. ChatOps is the primary mechanism that we use to operate software
better, together.

We use chat to improve situational awareness during incidents, to share
knowledge, to coordinate activities, and much more. We’ll look at some
concrete examples and talk about the cultural implications of operating
GitHub in a chat room that anyone in the company can watch.

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Mark Imbriaco


Mark has spent the last 17 years working for companies like Bank of America, America Online, Heroku, 37signals, LivingSocial, and a number of smaller startups doing operations, system architecture, and software development. He currently works for GitHub.

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10/18/2013 6:18pm EDT

If you were at this talk I would love it if you could take the time to rate it and give me some feedback so I can improve future talks. Thanks for attending!

I’m going to work on having slides available online in the next day or two, though they may be difficult to follow if you weren’t there.


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