Going Beyond onload - How Fast Does It Feel?

Web Performance, Grand Ballroom East
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In this session, the following speakers will spend 10 minutes each demonstrating:

Speed Index

Patrick Meenan

Page Phase Time

Chao Feng

Page Phase Time (PPT) is an innovative PLT measurement technique that relies on determining which “phase” in the page rendering cycle best represents user-perceived performance. PPT is adaptive to most web pages, and does not rely on pre-defined thresholds for pixel change percentages or similar methodologies.

User-Ready Time

Mike Petrovich

Web performance is often measured with metrics such as DOMContentLoaded and onload. For web pages that rely heavily on JavaScript and AJAX, however, these metrics alone cannot be used to accurately evaluate the end-user experience. In this talk we will introduce a new metric, “user-ready time”, that correlates more closely with how real users experience a web application.

This session will close with an open discussion around in what situations each should be considered and the pitfalls with each as we search for the holy grail in user experience performance measurement.

Photo of Patrick Meenan

Patrick Meenan


Patrick Meenan has been working on web performance in one form or another for the last 12 years and is currently working at Google to make the web faster. He created the popular open-source WebPagetest web performance measurement tool, runs the free instance of it at www.webpagetest.org and can frequently be found in the forums helping site owners understand and improve their website performance. He also helped found the WPO foundation which is a non-profit organization focused on Web Performance Optimization.

Photo of Chao (Ray) Feng

Chao (Ray) Feng


I have been working for Microsoft as a performance engineer since 2006 and mainly focus on web performance on more than 14 different projects including http://www.msdn.com, http://www.technet.com, http://connect.microsoft.com, http://support.microsoft.com, etc.

Please Try http://www.PagePhaseTime.com (or http://www.PagePhaseTime.com/MOBILE/ on devices) for the patent I filed for the new PLT measurement methodology based on user perceived experience, which is now being used by MSDN and TFS and under consideration by several other internal teams within Microsoft.

On the personal side, I love basketball, squash, swimming (being a professional swimming athlete for 8 years). My wife and I enjoy playing with my 22-month-old daughter, and that is the majority of time we spend over leisure time.

Photo of Mike Petrovich

Mike Petrovich

SNAP Interactive

A former engineer on the new DisneyWorld.com platform, Mike Petrovich (@mikepetrovich) leads front-end engineering of AYI.com where he implements strategies for accelerating development and end-user performance. He is also a contributor to jQuery, jQuery UI, and Handlebars.js.

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Picture of Chao (Ray) Feng
09/19/2013 4:31pm EDT

Wouldn’t it be Cool If a perceived (UI) performance measurement technology that: 1. Tells when a user, in his/her mind, considers a web page is “done”. -Not relying on Browser Events (e.g. Onload), Network Timing (e.g. TTLB), Above Fold Time (a.k.a. AFT), any pre-defined thresholds of pixel changes on the screen, or pre-defined UI element injection/tracking 2. Measures PLT for modern web pages that are being dynamic in rendering. 3. Platform/Browser/Device independent performance measurement method that can be universally applied

Page Phase Time (abbr. PPT) is such a technology that measures performance based on user perception, solves dynamic web page measurement issue, and being universal adaptive algorithm that is independent of Platform/Browser/Device.

What you can take away from this session will be solution that can be easily applied on measuring web page/app or any UI rendering (perceived) performance, from a “user mind” perspective.

Looking forward to meeting all of you.

@crazychao on Twitter or “Ray Feng” on Linkedin.


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