Optimizing the Black Box of HTML <video>

Web Performance, Murray Hill West
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The HTML tag promised a clean and cross-platform path for embedding video in web pages. However, its implementation is still quite fragmented and there are a number of innocuous parameters, such as preload, which can have a significant effect on page build speed as well as data transferred even for videos which are not viewed. This session examines the effect of embedded video on page build times, looks at data transferred under different preload conditions and investigates strategies for deferred embedding. Moving beyond single bitrate video, the session examines techniques for adaptive selection of SBR content and then looks at the new MediaSource Extensions (MSE), which allow for the playback and control of adaptive, segmented content via JavaScript. The performance benefits of adaptive delivery are discussed and open source libraries for MSE/MPEG-DASH are introduced. Best practices under MSE are discussed, such as starting bitrate selection, considering display size when switching and elegant fail-down.

Will Law


Will Law is a Principal Architect within the Media Engineering group at Akamai. He has been involved with streaming media on the web for the last decade with a strong focus on client-side development and helped write many of the early connection frameworks that still drive much of the traffic flowing over Akamai today, including OVP, HDCore and OSMF. He has a current focus on MPEG-DASH and HTTP delivery, mobile media, connected devices and security. Law is a founding board member of DASH Industry Forum, holds Masters degrees in Aerospace Engineering and an MBA and has worked previously for Adobe, VitalStream and a series of five engineering and media-related startups.


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