Tuning Network Performance to Eleven

Web Performance, Sutton North
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Optimizing networking performance is a critical component of your web performance strategy – after all, if the browser is blocked on the network, than all other processing is blocked as well! In this tutorial we’ll take a deep-dive on optimizing all the components of the network stack:

  • Delivering best TCP performance
  • TLS deployment strategies and performance tips
  • Dealign with proxies and other intermediaries
  • Performance do’s and don’ts for mobile clients
  • HTTP 2.0 performance tips and optimizations – e.g leveraging server push!
  • Measuring performance and debugging problems

In short, a ground up and hands-on overview of how to tune your network stack for optimal performance!

Photo of Ilya Grigorik

Ilya Grigorik


Ilya Grigorik is a web performance engineer and developer advocate on the Make The Web Fast team at Google, where he spends his days and nights on making the web fast and driving adoption of performance best practices.


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