The Challenges Of Internationalization And Localization On Page Performance

Web Performance, Grand Ballroom West
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You’ve created a successful website, now you want to increase your user base. This involves adding multiple language support, feature localization and ultimately adding business rules for each geographic region. Unfortunately, each additional language, locale and business rule that is added to your application comes at the cost of fragmenting the view-state cache and thus increasing the load on your front-end servers.

In this talk we will explore numerous performance and operational complexities of internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n). The topics in this session include:

  • Strategies to increase view-state cache-hit rates on the server side
  • JS libraries to move i18n logic to the client
  • Page rendering performance of server side v. client side i18n and l10n transformation
  • Common business rules that accompany i18n and l10n initiatives and how to manage the combinatorial complexity
  • Scalability and SEO pitfalls (and implications) of i18n and l10n
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Colin Bendell


Colin Bendell

Colin has been designing large scale web applications for 15 years and in the last 3 years has been leading the Infrastructure and Operations teams for global enterprises. He is currently an Enterprise Architect with Akamai where he combines both his expertise in software development and operations to help customers tune their development processes and optimize websites.


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