High Availability at Braintree

Operations, Grand Ballroom West
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Braintree is a payment gateway, so downtime directly costs both us and our merchants money. Therefore, high availability is extremely important to us. This talk will cover how we do HA at Braintree on our Ruby on Rails application.

Specific topics will include:

Working around planned downtime and deploys:

  • How we pause traffic for short periods of time without failing requests
  • How we fit our maintenance into these short pauses
  • How we do rolling deploys and database schema changes without downtime

Working around unplanned failures:

  • How we load balance across redundant services and ISPs
  • How the app is structured to retry requests

Paul Gross

Braintree Payments

Paul Gross is a software developer who works for Braintree. He is a polyglot programmer who spends most of his time in Ruby and Rails these days. His blog can be found at http://www.pgrs.net.


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