Are Today’s Good Practices... Tomorrow’s Performance Anti-Patterns?

Web Performance, Murray Hill West
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In our quest to improve performance we like to give people ‘recipes’, we encourage them to turn on gzip, optimize images, merge resources to reduce requests, serve resources from multiple hosts, load javascript asynchronously and much more!

But the web is ever changing…

To achieve fast mobile sites we’re already starting to bend some of Steve Souders original rules, but mobile is not the only factor.

Browsers are evolving rapidly, they already use lookahead preloaders, and some prioritize download of resources based on mimetype or media-queries rather than the order on the page.

Protocols are changing too, SPDY (and maybe HTTP 2.0 when it’s available) uses connection multiplexing, enables browsers to communicate resource priority to servers and allows the server to push content before the browser even requests it.

As mobile usage rises, browsers evolve and new protocols are deployed will our current good practices last, or will they become barriers that hinder performance?

This session will explore our current best practices, we’ll question when some of them stop being best practices and highlight those that will definitely be impacted in the future.

We’ll dive into the technical details to understand why browser and protocol changes impact our current practices and how we need to adapt them going forward.

The web of course always has ‘one foot in the past, and one foot in the future’, so we’ll also explore how the transition can be managed enabling us to deliver a good experience to all visitors.

You will come away asking questions about some of our performance practices, an understanding of how browser evolution and new protocols can impact them, and ideas about how you can prepare for the future.

Photo of Andy Davies

Andy Davies

NCC Group

Andy is UK-based freelance performance consultant. He focuses on helping ecommerce sites to measure and improve their performance.


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