Sense and Sensu-bility: Painless Metrics And Monitoring In The Cloud with Sensu

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Are you unhappy with the state of monitoring in your organization? Are you successfully automating “all the things” except your monitoring checks? Are you tired of looking at monitoring dashboards that hark from another era? Do you long to access your monitoring system via a REST API?

Paperless Post recently solved these problems by replacing Nagios with Sensu, a new and awesome free monitoring and metrics router that is designed with configuration management and cloud deployments in mind.

In my presentation we’ll take an in-depth look into why we chose Sensu and how we monitor our services and collect system metrics to send to Graphite. Subtopics will include how we planned for and executed the migration, mistakes we made along the way, how we knew when to scale and how we did it. I’ll also cover how we’re making our Sensu setup redundant and highly available, how we’re monitoring and collecting metrics about Sensu, and how we’ve integrated our internal tools with Sensu.


* We have some fun hands-on activities planned for the session, so please take some time out ahead of time to prepare by visiting and following the README instructions to set up your Sensu client and server sandboxes.
* The tutorial materials have been tested on Windows, Linux and OS X. If you run into any problems, please open up a ticket here with as many details as possible.
* If you are not planning on bringing a computer to the session, no worries, all sandbox materials will remain available on my GitHub account after the conference.

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Bethany Erskine

Paperless Post

Bethany Erskine has over 12 years of experience with web operations and Linux systems administration. She is currently a member of the Ops team at Paperless Post where she cares for the infrastructure that help Paperless Post’s customers create beautiful, custom online and paper stationery.


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