Informative Workspace with Raspberry Pi

Velocity Culture, Sutton North
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Lava lamps, reader boards, dashboard monitors. These feedback tools have become an essential part of making team collaboration efficient, interactive, and fun. However, many teams still don’t use informative workspace technology because of the cost and complexity.

In this talk, the speakers will describe how they set up an inexpensive state-of-the-art informative workspace for the New Relic Java Agent team. The system uses a Raspberry Pi that displays to a TV (used as an information radiator) and drives commonly available electronics (used as extreme feedback devices). The speakers will describe how they set up the system and how it is used. They will provide a bill of materials, list of vendors, instructions, and source code so that you can have your own informative workspace set up cheaply, easily, and flexibly.

Photo of Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen

New Relic

Chris manages the Java Agent team at New Relic. He has developed and managed distributed software systems for over twenty years. His interests include performance optimization, scalable systems, software development methods, and robotics.

Photo of Jonathan Thurman

Jonathan Thurman

New Relic

Jonathan is a Site Reliability Engineer at New Relic where he applies his systems, networking, and coding skills to automate their infrastructure. For over the last 15 years he has worked on a variety of projects including unified communications, performance testing, automation, and scaling for the web.


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